• Estoy deporte mas popular del mundo...como Dewey Does.


  • That’s how we roll…Like Dewey Does.

Pin Head

  • Not again…Like Dewey Does.


  • I was first known as the Louisville slugger…like Dewey Does

Slap Shot

  • I was born in Nova Scotia but I’ve traveled the world…like Dewey Does.

Ms. Love

  • Oui Oui, I was born in France…like Dewey Does.

Flat Top

  • Hey dude, let’s go high in the sky…like Dewey Does.

First Down

  • I’m no ordinary pig skin. Kick me high and I can fly…like Dewey Does.

Cross Over

    Yo, like my name, I’ll buckle your knees…like Dewey Does.


    “This guy”, I’ll protect your eyes so you stay on your toes…like Dewey Does.